Subscribe to published content types in SharePoint

Since SharePoint 2010 sharing content types between different site collection went much more easier than it was. Content Type Syndication introduced in SharePoint 2010 allowed publishing content type to subscriber site collection and use it. In SharePoint 2013 this feature remained and you can still use it for your solutions. In this article I will not focus on how you can establish content type publication, because it is well written here or here, but I will focus on how you can achieve same thing using PowerShell not GUI. 

To configure content type publishing from PowerShell follow steps bellow:

  1. Get source site collection (collection that will publish content types)
  2. Activate feature “Content Type Syndication Hub”
  3. Set content type hub URL in Managed Metadata Service application
  4. Configure Managed Metadata Service application proxy

That is it!

Now you can publish content types from your source site collection and when content type publishing jobs finish published content types should be available in your subscribing site collection.