Manage SharePoint site collection disposition

Even with good governance, SharePoint sites can grow out of control. Sites are created as they are needed, but sites are rarely deleted. If sites persist when they are no longer needed, they require storage space and they might be unwanted for compliance reasons.

You can use site policies to help control site proliferation. A site policy defines the life-cycle of a site by specifying when the site will be closed and when it will be deleted.

In this article I will discuss some of actions that can be taken to prevent increase out of control site collections.

Site collection disposition is a new concept. When you close a site, you specify that the site is no longer used so that the site can be deleted according to a schedule. A closed site does not appear in other places where sites are aggregated — for example, Outlook, Outlook Web App, or Project Server 2013 — but users can still reach closed site and its content by using the URL to the site.

You define site policies from the root site of a site collection by:

  1. Opening Site Settings
  2. Choosing Site Polices page under Site Collection Administration section
site policy

Create new site policy page

Creating site policy using PowerShell is out of scope for this article, but in the meantime you can perform some simple actions using defined static methods in PowerShell: