Create a delayed site collection in SharePoint

Every site collection in SharePoint must have a template. Site collection structure and functionality is based on it. SharePoint provides many site templates from which you can choose the one that will fit your needs. You can also create and use your own as needed. Site collection template is mandatory, but is it possible to create site collection without specifying a template? Yes, it is! In this entry I will explain how to do that from UI and PowerShell perspective and what is a delayed site collection.

A delayed site collection is not a special type of site collection. Frankly it is normal site collection, but template choosing is delayed. This is why it is called “delayed”. The template must be chosen when entering collection for the very first time. Below is the screen shot of the template chooser site when entering delayed site collection for the very first time.

SharePoint Template chooser

Delayed site collection template chooser

The process of creating such collection is the same as creating i.e. Team Site collection.

From Central Administration:

  1. Open Application Management
  2. Open Create site collection
  3. Specify title, description, URL, etc.
  4. In Template section choose Custom tab
  5.  Select option “< Select template later >”
  6. Confirm site collection creation

As you can see the process of creating delayed site collection is limited to choosing right option from Template section.

From PowerShell:

  1. Open SharePoint Management Shell
  2. Run Command

All you have to do in PowerShell is to skip “-Template” parameter when calling “New-SPSite” script.