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Subscribe to published content types in SharePoint

Since SharePoint 2010 sharing content types between different site collection went much more easier than it was. Content Type Syndication introduced in SharePoint 2010 allowed publishing content type to subscriber site collection and use it. In SharePoint 2013 this feature remained and you can still use it for your solutions. In this article I will not focus on how you can establish content type publication, because it is well written here or here, but I will focus on how you can achieve same thing using PowerShell not GUI.  Continue reading

Identify inactive site collections in SharePoint

When identifying which site collections are inactive you have to first define the meaning of “inactive” term. There are at least two meanings of this word:

  1. No one accessed site collection since X days
  2. No one added/changed/deleted any content in site collection, but site collection might be still used by visitors

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Manage SharePoint site collection disposition

Even with good governance, SharePoint sites can grow out of control. Sites are created as they are needed, but sites are rarely deleted. If sites persist when they are no longer needed, they require storage space and they might be unwanted for compliance reasons.

You can use site policies to help control site proliferation. A site policy defines the life-cycle of a site by specifying when the site will be closed and when it will be deleted.

In this article I will discuss some of actions that can be taken to prevent increase out of control site collections. Continue reading

Create a delayed site collection in SharePoint

Every site collection in SharePoint must have a template. Site collection structure and functionality is based on it. SharePoint provides many site templates from which you can choose the one that will fit your needs. You can also create and use your own as needed. Site collection template is mandatory, but is it possible to create site collection without specifying a template? Yes, it is! In this entry I will explain how to do that from UI and PowerShell perspective and what is a delayed site collection.
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