Turn off preview tab for Solution Explorer items in Visual Studio 2012

Visual Studio 2012 one of crucial tools for .NET Framework development was introduced in late 2012 and as always came with many great features.

One of them is a solution item preview. So when you click on a item in Solution Explorer it opens in preview tab. Some of you may think that it’s a great idea to see contents of a item (XML file, class, etc.) immediately after click. Well… probably it is, but I’m sure there is a group of people (including me) which find it very annoying.

As always you have two ways of dealing with the problem:

  1. Stick to it and get used to.
  2. Turn if off!
Well, first option is self explanatory. But the second one… the second one is a bless. So to turn it of  navigate to options (Tools -> Options…) and on the left hand side expand “Environment” tree item. Click on “Tabs and Windows”. On the right hand side you have group box called “Preview Tab” with interesting options (see print screen). 
By deselecting “Solution Explorer” in “Preview Tab” group box you disable previewing item when you click on it.