Build your own SharePoint 2013 development environment – Step 1. Create VHD

In this article I’ll cover basic tasks needed to create *.vhd file for your custom development environment.

Let’s start form opening Computer Management, which is used to manage local and remote computers. So, expand Storage section, right click on Disk Management and choose Create VHD.

After choosing option new window will appear, where you need to specify location of your new virtual hard disk file. Than specify capacity of your new disk. I usually set it to 50 GB, which is pretty enough for most development environments, but if you have other experiences feel free to modify this value. Than select disk format (disk formats are self explanatory) and hit OK.

After that your should see that new disk (virtual) has been created in your computer. Disk is not initialized and there aren’t any partition so for now is useless, but it will change in other steps.

Now select your new disk and right click on its name. Than chose Initialize Disk. This option will prepare disk for creating volume.

Once the disk is initialized it’s time for crating volume. So right click on disk space and choose New Simple Volume…

This should start creating new volume wizard. To start click on Next.

Now you have to choose how many MBs you want to assign to your new volume. By default all assigned space is used.

Next you are prompted about drive letter, which is totally irrelevant, so choose anything you like.

After choosing the drive letter your are asked about file format of the new disk. Choose values that fit your deployment.

Last step of the wizard is just a confirmation above settings, so hit Next.

When wizard closes you should notice that your newly created virtual disk is being formatted.

When format completes your disk is ready to use!

When whole operation completes successfully you should be able to see another disk in your computer. Disk behaves as physical one, but it isn’t.

In next article I’ll focus on OS installation on new virtual disk.